Tight Lines http://101-rgweb.newscyclecloud.com Tight Lines en-us Change of season, yes, but yellowfins still have scope to please The weather this past week has been classic change-of-seasons weather. The passage of the first of many cold fronts dropped the humidity, brought rain and lowered the temperatures. In short, soon winter. On the plus side of things, although there may be gales to contend with, this pretty much puts the tropical season on hold. While they. .. http://101-rgweb.newscyclecloud.com/tight-lines/article/20181020/change-of-season-yes-but-yellowfins-still-have-scope-to-please&source=RSS Sat, 20 Oct 2018 08:00:00 EST http://101-rgweb.newscyclecloud.com/tight-lines/article/20181020/change-of-season-yes-but-yellowfins-still-have-scope-to-please&source=RSS